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Resin art care


Epoxy resin has a glass surface quality that can show fingerprints and dust.  Special attention is required for the proper handling, maintenance and care of a resin wall art. Below are some suggestions (Please note that Artreflectionsca does not intent to make any representation of warranty or imply any guarantee or reliability with these suggestions):


Epoxy resin is a form of plastic and can as a result of its properties react and change when exposed to chemicals, UV light, humidity and extreme temperatures.

Material Handling

Geode inspired resin art pieces often have exposed crushed glass/crystals on their surface; therefore, great care is required for the handling of the art pieces. The use of gloves is recommended.  Microfiber gloves can prevent fingerprinting on the surface of the art piece. Make sure appropriate hanging systems, matching the weight of the art pieces, are chosen for wall mounting. When in doubt, hire a professional. Please note that Artreflectionsca is not responsible for any injury or damage associated to handling of its art work.  

Find the Perfect Spot for Your Resin Art

Do not hang your art piece close to heaters, radiators, stoves or fireplaces. Do not place it in a humid environment. Do not display it leaning against a wall; it should be wall mounted.  Keep it out of the reach of pets and children. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight (UV light).  Epoxy resin should not be exposed to direct sunlight nor to high humidity, indoor extreme temperatures, or outdoor weather conditions as it can yellow or warp over time.

Expert Guide on How to Clean Resin Art

Do not vacuum or use alcohol, oils or chemical products to clean the surface of your resin art. Alcohol and cleaning products will break down the surface composition of the epoxy resin and cause its surface to become sticky and irregular. Vacuuming will create thin scratch lines on the surface of your resin art. Dust and fingerprints can be wiped off the surface of your resin with the use of a dry microfiber cloth. Gentle pressure must be applied to wipe off and buff dry the surface. Avoid scrubbing movements. 

Safely Move Your Resin Artwork

Direct contact with plastic wrapping materials can lead to markings on the surface of a resin art piece. Start by covering a resin art with a soft cloth or parchment paper securing it with tape. Follow by adding multiple layers of bubble wrapping or foam sheets. The second layer of protection will prevent the art piece from moving inside a cardboard box.  

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