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Artreflectionsca is a reflection of my personal ambition for creation and my need to express through art my emotions and my past personal experiences.  The artistic freedom inherent in every constructive creative process became for me a dedicated effort; thus, the start and the evolution of  Artreflectionsca.  It all begun with a leap of faith at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic when I decided to simply paint.

My artistic style did not fortuitously come about or evolved with my creative process; it has been shaped and molded by personal experiences growing up in South America as a child, and later, as an adult living in Canada. The "Passing of Time" painting, depicted below as a sunset, represents one of several personal experiences, which I might state, is meaningfully engraved as a childhood memory. Personally, there is nothing more powerful or spiritually impactful and symbolically meaningful to one’s soul than witnessing an ocean sunset. The beauty of every sunset comes from its representation of an ending, the passing of time, but also the powerful unveiling sense of continuity and eliciting sense of hope inherent in its symbolism. 

I choose to paint on birch wood panels as a ground for creation as it provides greater stability for the use of my mediums, acrylics and metal leaf appliqués. The use of palette knife technique is helpful in the application of acrylics but it has also a place in the constructive process of my paintings. It has a place in the artistic process since it is a conduit for the purposefully and meaningful creation of texture and contrast necessary for the overall composition and structure of my paintings.  The choice of mediums is interlaced with personal symbolism, preference and purposefulness.

As an artist, I also seek to capture the reflective properties of metal, geodes and glass in my art. By exploring reflective mediums like resin and glass crystals, I am able to create geode inspired art with unique combinations of colors and light effects. Each geode art piece is structured by a unifying composition of colors that harmoniously symbolize natural elements of the tropics. 

If I had to categorize my art, it would be both modern and abstract, modern on account of the architectural evidence of geometrical shapes and forms, and abstract by reason of the philosophical representations of places and time. 

About Artreflectionsca Abstract Art
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